Baker White Premium Nicotine Solutions Inc.

Baker White Inc. began as a vision to fulfill a need in the industry for a clean and professional e-liquid for people who want to vape only the best. The owners wanted to trade smoking in for vaping, but found the available options left them asking themselves, what is in the e-liquids we are buying?

The vision was born and the decision was made to bring the idea to life. It started with perfecting the science of making something that was as clean as it could be and as flavorful as it needed to be. To assist in this they first recruited a scientific advisor, a man with a PhD in Chemistry and years of lab experience. He created the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) that we still adhere to today in our ISO Class 6 Pharmaceutical Laboratory.

Second to be recruited was our Lab Technician and Flavor Specialist, a woman with years of experience crafting new and original recipes. She created the original 32 flavor line that the company was built upon.

Try our brands and find out why when you want to vape the best, you vape a Baker White Premium E-Liquids.